A little about me

Professional computer geek.
Amateur sailor, biker, father, grandfather, Christian.
Not in that order


I’m pretty much your average [DatetimeDifference startDate=”1956-12-05″ endDate=”now” format=”Y”] year old guy.

My wife Gini and I have been married [DatetimeDifference startDate=”1995-01-06″ endDate=”now” format=”Y”] years. Between the two of us, we have one son, four daughters, seven grandsons and four granddaughters. All the kids are grown, and the grandkids are getting there.

We live in North Texas with our three dogs, two cats, and one unruly Cockatoo. The sailing’s not all I’d like it to be in North Texas, but the family’s here, so we’re here and just occasionally dream of far-away shores that we’ll visit some day.


This site is about sailboats, so I’ll share a little about my sailing experience.

I first got interested in sailing in college, but that was limited to smaller boats like the Sunfish. I gave me the basics though, and planted a seed.

Years later, probably too many years, I had an opportunity to buy a 1976 O’Day 25 from a friend in Alaska. We flew up there and brought it towed it to Texas, and the adventure began.

That was in July of 2002. Since that time, we’ve owned a Coronado 35 in Louisiana that survived Katrina, but we eventually had to give up because the distance was just too far. I studied for, and received my USCG 25 ton Master’s license (though it’s not active right now)

"If anything is going to happen, it's going to happen out there." - ‘Captain Ron’ (1992).